How to Choose Between a Laptop and Desktop Computer

Choosing between a laptop and desktop can be a difficult decision. In a desktop vs. laptop comparison, it is important to determine which features and benefits are consistent with your needs. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each; in order to help you understand which option will best suit your needs.

Listed below are the key areas to consider when choosing between a laptop and desktop computer.

  • Portability
    • The key difference between the two options is portability. If you need a portable device then it would be ideal to invest in a laptop. However, if the laptop will simply act as a desktop with the very occasional need for portability, a desktop is also an excellent choice and far less expensive.
  • Price
    • Laptops typically cost slightly more than an equivalent desktop.  However, recently prices have dropped and laptop prices are extremely competitive.
  • Security
    • Desktop computers are usually more secure than laptop computers due to their lack of mobility. The portability of a laptop makes the device more appealing to be stolen if it is not properly secured.  Security cables can be purchased with laptops in order to reduce this threat.
  • Network Access
    • Both desktops and laptops have equal connectivity to the Internet through the following technologies including dial-up modems, DSL or Cable modems, Ethernet and Wireless networking. Owning a laptop gives users the ability to take advantage of wireless networks that they can access when traveling with their device.
  • Upgrades
    • Laptops may not be as easy to upgrade with the addition of new technology. Be certain to configure a laptop with the necessary features that you will utilize. Desktops are generally much more expandable.  With a desktop you can easily add a new video card, larger hard drive, a new processor, or other components as technology evolves.

The best way to determine whether to buy a desktop or laptop computer is to determine how you plan to use your new computer. If mobility is important and your requirements are everyday functions such as email, surfing the web, and streaming video, then a laptop should be sufficient. A laptop should even suffice for most work projects using software such as Microsoft Office.

If your computer usage extends to programs that require a vast amount of system resources like video and photo editing, streaming high-definition video, and high-end 3D gaming, then a mid- to high-end desktop would be a better option.

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