Wanda Hamidah Feels Tight In Her Chest

Wanda Hamidah Feels Tight In Her Chest

Wanda Hamidah Feels Tight In Her Chest – A tight chest can certainly make us feel uncomfortable and really want to treat it properly. Wanda Hamidah’s complaints due to days apart from her child, namely Malakai Ali Schuldt, continue. The actress’s psyche was shaken, her chest constricted and her whole body ached to the bone marrow.

This incident began when Daniel Patrick Hadi Schuldt, picked up the child at the weekend. Launching from the clarification video uploaded by Wanda Hamidah on her Instagram account on May 18, 2022, the former usually spends the weekend with Malakai Ali Schuldt.

Sunday night, the baby was returned to his mother. Unfortunately. Sunday night, Malakai Ali Schuldt did not return. The soap opera star Suci Dalam Cinta called Daniel Patrick Hadi Schuldt but he didn’t pick up.

Based on information from a friend, Wanda Hamidah managed to trace the home address of her new ex-husband. The actress broke into the house and admitted to breaking the doors and windows.

Friday (20/5/2022), Wanda Hamidah shared her feelings through Instagram Stories. The actress who was born in Jakarta, September 21, 1977, thinks of her child every day.

“Every time I think of you Kai. Mother’s chest tight. I can’t breathe, my heart stop pounding,” he admitted.

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“Can’t stop my tears falling like a waterfall. My skins burns (I can’t stop the tears that fall like a waterfall, my skin burns),” Wanda Hamidah continued.

“My body is aching, the pain reaches the bone marrow. Pray for Kai’s strong mother,” the film star Dapunta Pengjar Angin and Imperfect added.

As previously reported, Wanda Hamidah uploaded a screenshot of a surveillance camera showing Malakai Ali Schuldt playing with neighboring children on Instagram Stories.

“Every afternoon, Kai usually plays with his brother and neighbors. We miss you Kai, my heart is aching (we miss you Kai, my heart hurts),” Wanda Hamidah tweeted on Thursday (19/5/2022).